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Single-Gender Education: A Handbook for Teachers and Principals

Although single-gender classrooms or same-sex classes have been around for centuries, most public schools no longer offer this type of classroom configuration. However, resurgence in single-gender classes has begun. To some this movement may seem like a step backward, but to others (i.e. National Association of Single Sex Public Education) this movement is an educational revolution based on new scientific evidence relating to how boys and girls learn. We view single-gender education as a viable option for parents and believe it can be beneficial for many students. We offer this handbook as a way to share what we've learned about single-gender education over the years.

This handbook is compiled by teachers and researchers who began an initiative over seven years ago with single-gender classrooms in a public elementary school. In the following chapters, we describe gender-specific research that supports our instructional practices. We also include suggestions and ideas for getting started, classroom management, and lesson delivery. We hope you will find the research-based practices and other innovative ideas included in this handbook useful in your classrooms.

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Curriculum Resources

Team Building Activities

Team building should be used at the beginning of the academic year and at least once a week to build class cohesion.

Problem Solving (Rebuilding Neurons)

There are lots of problem-solving websites out there! Here are a few of our favorites, including the tangram template.

Behavior Management

Remember that you must teach routines and procedures. Nothing in this section is foolproof, but it is all worth trying.



Supplemental Research