Nina B. Hollis Educational Leadership Center

The Nina B. Hollis Educational Leadership Center is an initiative which would heed the national outcry to address the achievement gap that persists for marginalized youth in our schools through creating a network of culturally responsive schools.

While research on school climate first emerged in the 1950's, there has been an increased focus on culturally responsive pedagogy as schools have struggled to meet the needs of rapidly increasing, multi-faceted minority population. This issue is complete as there are many factors that preclude schools from effectively meeting the needs of diverse learners. Equity and excellence for marginalized students are best achieved by defining inclusivity in its broadest sense to inform cultural intervention efforts in a school setting. This is a change in the vision of schools, which is best effectuated by school-based leaders who have adequate training in school climate, responsive pedagogy, and institutional marginalization.

Training Topics

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Chris Colwell, PhD

Associate Professor of Education
Phone: 386-822-7073
Email: [email protected]