M.Ed. Educational Leadership

Course Descriptions

EDUC 530 Curriculum Integration: Provides knowledge about the principles of curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation. The effective school literature is also explored.

EDUC 540 Educational Finance: Examines various methods of funding public education, with particular emphasis upon Florida’s funding program.

EDUC 542 Legal Aspects of School Operations: Examines the legal basis for education; constitutional and statutory laws; court cases; review of the School Code of Florida.

EDUC 543 Instructional Leadership and Supervision: Provides the knowledge and skills necessary for educational leaders to promote a positive school learning culture, develop an effective instructional program through data-driven decision making, and apply best practices to the teaching and learning process.

EDUC 544 Educational Management and System Planning: Introduces the purpose, function, and processes of educational leadership, organizational theory, systems theory and the role of the principal in the effective school.

EDUC 546 Human Resource Development: Provides an introduction to school personnel, administration and labor relations. Topics include recruitment, orientation, induction, and evaluation.

EDUC 575. Action Research - Theory to Practice. 1 Credit.  Pass/Fail Course. This course introduces candidates to action research, a form of self-reflective scientific inquiry by practitioners on practice in classrooms and in other educational settings. The goals of action research are the improvement of practice, a better understanding of that practice, and an improvement in the situation in which the practice is carried out. (Total of 3 credits required.).

EDUC 567 Communications and Research Analysis for Educational Leaders: Focuses on the theories and principles of education and communication and explores solid research data and best practices to accelerate learning outcomes. The student will develop plans of action which will be communicated to “publics” that will offer new approaches for learning.

EDUC 591 Internship in Educational Leadership: School-based field experiences under the supervision of a school administrator and seminars on best practices in school leadership. (Total of 3 credits required, over three semesters).

EDUC 529 Cultural Diversity Education/Multicultural Education: Explores theoretical assumptions in multicultural education and provides strategies for effectively educating students who are speakers of other languages, or who face challenges because of race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic or sexual orientation. Fostering learning environments free of prejudice, stereotyping, gender, and exceptional student biases within the context of Florida Statute 1003.42: Required Instruction in multicultural education. Managing cultural diversity, closing the achievement gap and culturally responsive teaching in the work place and community are given special emphasis.