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Finally, there's a Bachelor's degree offered your way.

Stetson University, Florida's first private college and ranked #6 in the South by US News and World Report, is offering a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership through our Adult Degree Completion Program to qualified students seeking to complete their university degree. 

The BA in Organizational Leadership is designed for you. It's built for busy people and working professionals who want to finish their college degrees, but need to do it on their time, so the program is offered in two formats.

  • A fully online format for students that need additional flexibility
  • A structured, hybrid format combining face-to-face classes with online coursework

Both programs are designed to move students from A.A. to BA in 18 months, and as a student in this program, you will join a group of about a dozen individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. 

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 * We are currently not accepting applications for the Adult Degree Completion Program.

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1. What if life gets in the way?

It does. Ask anyone who has navigated to their degree while balancing work and family and they'll tell you that it is not easy. We know that, and Stetson University designed the program specifically for people who are busy.

It's offered in a hybrid format, on campus and online, at convenient locations, such as the Valencia College Lake Nona campus and our campus in DeLand. Students who want face-to-face contact with faculty and colleagues only need to come to campus one evening a week. The rest of the class is held online.

It's also offered fully online for those students confident in their ability to stay on track with their studies and coursework but who need flexibility in their schedule.

2. Worried about the cost?

Stetson University's Adult Degree Completion program is priced to be as cost accessible as possible and is comparable to well-known, private, comprehensive universities and colleges, but we do more.

  • We put our money where our mouth is. Accepted students receive a tuition lock for eight consecutive terms, so once you start you'll always know what your costs are.
  • We'll help! It's difficult navigating financial aid and funding for the program. In most circumstances we find we are able to put together a plan that gets you started and doesn't break the bank.
  • With a partner institution? For qualified students at a partner institution [pdf of partner institutions] we also offer a tuition scholarship that can further reduce expense.

3. Worried about going back to class?

We know you can do this. After seeing example after example of adults succeeding in achieving their education, Stetson University decided to formalize the process and develop a program built around what we learned from research and listening to adult students. You'll be taking classes with students just like you, and we've found that many of them have the same fears and concerns. That's why we designed this as a cohort program. (What's that?) Each class starts and ends with the same group of students, and while faculty are available to help, our experience is students form bonds and help each other to succeed.

Sometimes the idea of using technology to support your classwork might seem overwhelming, but trust us, it isn't as scary as it sounds. If you can type and print a document, send an email and read and comprehend information, then you have the basic skills needed to succeed in the ADC program.

4. Isn't getting all the paperwork and transcripts together a headache?

In a lot cases these days filling out a transcript request is as easy as doing a search of your previous college or university website for transcripts. Most institutions let you do it all online. Our online application might seem a bit daunting if you haven't been in high school for awhile, but it usually takes less than a half hour to get started on the process, and it's always a lot easier if you turn off your phone, close the door and spend a few minutes walking through it step by step. It seems like a lot, but it boils down to two steps.

1. Fill out the online application

2. Pay the application fee

Once you've started, we'll create a status page that acts as your checklist to complete the process and you can access it online at anytime.

5. The academic difference?

There is a difference between colleges and universities offering Adult Degree Completion programs. At Stetson University, graduates of the Adult Degree Completion program receive their degree from Stetson University and it is the same degree, with the same accreditation and reputation our traditional undergraduate and graduate students receive. You never have to worry if recruiters and HR personnel are going to question the institution or quality of the program. By the way, it's never too early to plan on things (it's an 18 month program) and Stetson University's Commencement is held once a year in May. Students typically attend the ceremony closest to their program completion date.

You also can focus your Organizational Leadership program on the industry you work in, or want to work in. Students can focus on healthcare and public health, financial services, hospitality and entertainment, information technology and government and non-profit services.

More questions? You won't know if you don't ask. We can help you with questions about credit hours, prior work, transfers and turning your knowledge into college credit. If you fill out the Request Info form one of our qualified admission staff will reach out for a time that's convenient for you and answer all your questions. You can also download the brochure.