Turn Your Knowledge into Credit

With the Adult Degree Completion in Organizational Leadership program, you have the opportunity to transform your real-life experiences and background into academic credits.

Prior Work

Stetson University allows you to transfer in a total of 64 credits hours of prior college coursework, standardized testing and non-sponsored collegiate learning. As these credits have been validated by a third party, they are non-residential:

Standardized Testing

You demonstrate college-level learning through nationally recognized examinations. Stetson University accepts examination scores from Advanced Placement (AP) examinations; International Baccalaureate (IB); and Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) examinations. Stetson University allows a maximum of 8 units (32 credits) to be awarded on the basis of approved pre-college examinations. Credit is not awarded in the same subject for two examinations (such as AP, IB and AICE).

Non-Sponsored Collegiate Learning

This category pertains to your completion of college-level learning in alternative learning experiences that equate to college credit. The University accepts all credit evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Credit by Portfolio

In your first semester as a Stetson student, your instructor in ORGL 398 Research Foundations for Understanding will ask you to gather your documentation of any professional or military trainings and certifications you have that are directly related to a course in the Organizational Leadership program or a course in the Stetson University catalog.

In your second semester as a Stetson student, you will write a portfolio that demonstrates college-level learning by submitting a collection of evidence, which documents the match between your experiential learning and learning outcomes of a specific course offered at Stetson University.

This portfolio is then evaluated for academic credit. You will be eligible to receive up to 1 unit (4 credit hours) of credit per portfolio towards your degree. You may submit up to 4 portfolios. The credits you earn this way count as residency credits (Stetson University credits) and not transfer credits, making it easier for you to fulfill the university's degree requirements.

Even better, the cost of these credits is about 1/5 the cost of one course in the ADC program. Should you choose to submit your portfolio to be evaluated for academic credit, you will pay $650 per portfolio for the assessment process. There are no additional fees if credit is awarded and transcribed.

Other Methods

As approved by the faculty assessor, PLA Director and/or Prior Learning Faculty Advisory Committee, it may be possible to receive prior learning credits through methods other than a portfolio. For example, competence demonstration may be used to measure learning outcomes through documentation review, candidate interview, performance assessment, product review, a combination of these measures, or other means.

Credit can be earned only once for the same course. Transcripts from other institutions and documentation from other sources of learning will be cross-checked. Only undergraduate credit may be earned through prior learning assessment methods.