The Program

Chemistry is the study of the atomic and molecular structure of matter, and is therefore a widely diverse subject with close links to almost all other areas of science and technology. It offers excellent undergraduate preparation for advanced study in areas ranging from the physical and biological sciences to the health professions, and from business to law; an undergraduate degree in chemistry also affords direct entrance into government and industrial work.

While offering a comprehensive instructional program supported by modern laboratory equipment, the Chemistry Department at Stetson places special emphasis on undergraduate research, small class size, close faculty attention as well as professor led labs to meet the individual needs and interests of our students.

In addition to the traditional BS degree in chemistry, the department offers the approved ACS-certified degree, designated a professional degree by the American Chemical Society's Committee on Professional Training and available only from those departments whose programs are approved by the Society.

The Department also offers a BS degree in Biochemistry, a relatively new program that has become extremely popular with our pre-medical students and those interested in careers in the biotechnology industry. The ideal pre-med major; curriculum includes all medical school requirements.

The department currently enrolls about fifty majors, approximately twenty in chemistry and thirty in biochemistry. The five full-time faculty, including a biochemist, cover all the major areas of chemistry and pursue active research programs in which they collaborate with our students. Distinctive features of the Department which we feel are of special importance to the success of our students are:

small classes: typically 25 or less in freshman and sophomore level classes; 5-10 in junior and senior level classes. Senior exit interviews consistently show that small classes and personal attention from the faculty are what our students like best about the Department.

program is ACS-approved, meaning it belongs in the top quarter of chemistry programs in the nation.

state-of-the-art instrumentation: including: 300 MHz NMR (Brucker); FT-IR (Nicolet); GC/MS (Hewlett-Packard); UV-VIS (Shimadzu); GC (Shimadzu); HPLC (Varian); Electrochemistry System (PAR); Electrophoresis (Bio-Rad); He-Ne Laser (Uniphase).

undergraduate research: available during summers and academic year. Our students are regularly co-authors of research publications and frequently travel with their professors to regional and national meetings to present their results. Recent research topics have included: applications of lasers to chemistry of polymerization, with emphasis on dental polymers and coating resins; dynamics of hydrogen bonding; chemistry of glasses; synthesis of ionophores; mechanisms of inorganic reactions; chemical analysis of spices; characterization of protein-mediated exchange of small molecules across the plasma membrane of active muscle, liver , and red blood cells; biochemistry of snake venoms.

industrial and government internships

Graduates of the chemistry program at Stetson enter a variety of professional and post-graduate programs. The approximate proportions of students following the major post-graduate pathways, and some individual examples from among recent Stetson graduates, are as follows:

30% --graduate school for the PhD

Elizabeth Fogleman - (Biochemistry/Chemistry): Duke University
Angelito Nepomuceno - (Biochemistry/Chemistry): Virginia Commonwealth University
Richard Laughlin - (Biochemistry): has been accepted at several schools)
Melissa Heck - (physical chemistry): Stanford University
Christy Sargent - (analytical chemistry): University of North Carolina
Bret Beyer - (biochemistry): University of Florida
Robert Logan - (chemistry/materials science): Emory University


Cary Bucasas - World Marketing Alliance, Inc.
Erica Sharp - Tropicana Foods
Jeff Rotta - Colorado Paint Co.
Nicole Cook - Argus Health Systems

40% --health professional schools

Anthony Llorens - Harvard Medical School
John T. Barringer - University of Miami Medical School
Matthew Kottman - Jefferson Medical College
Nelly Guirgis - Tufts University Dental School
Donald Purcell - Nova - SE College of Optometry

10% --other

Troy Hancock - (Chemistry, ACS certified): Undecided
Jason Zebert - (Chemistry -ACS certified): Undecided
Laurie Dorywalski - University of Dayton Law School (patent law)

The Department has an active American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter, which regularly performs chemical magic shows for local school children, and has also a chapter of the Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society.

We welcome further inquiries on the details of the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs at Stetson.

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