MoleculeHarry Price

Dr. Harry Price



1991-1995 - Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

1995-2001 - Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Central Florida

2001-present - Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stetson University


Research Interests:

Computational chemistry of biological molecules andreactive chemical species

Design and evaluation of biological fuel cells

Spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis of biochemical systems

Recent Publications:

Price, H.L. (2004) Correlating the Positional Reactivity of a Masked Electrophilic Center to the Topology of the Electron Density.Int. J. Quantum Chem. 102, 480-488.

Price, H.L., and Wallace, R.(2003) Field-induced reorganization of the neural membrane lipid bilayer: a proposed role in the regulation of ion-channel dynamics.Biosystems, 68, 67-77.

Wang, L., Price, H.L., Juusola, J., Kline, M., and Phanstiel, O. (2001) Influence of Polyamine Architecture on the Transport and Topoisomerase II Inhibitory Properties of Polyamine DNA-Intercalator Conjugates.J. Med. Chem., 44, 3682-92.

Price, H.L., and Wallace, R.(2001) A Computational Model of Membrane Lipid Electronic Properties in Relation to Neural Signaling.Biosystems, 59, 27-34.

Mora, M.J., and Price, H.L. (2001) Use of Spatial Averaging to Investigate Ligand-Protein Interactions.Journal of Young Investigators, Issue 3.

Dr. Harry L. Price, Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Ph.D. - University of Illinois, Chicago