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Learning By Doing

Because the discovery of new scientific knowledge is vital, all chemistry majors at Stetson perform research. You may work on campus under the guidance of a chemistry professor, or participate in research programs at graduate institutions, medical schools, national laboratories, or research institutes around the country. Some students receive cash stipends for their laboratory work.

Current research programs at Stetson include studies on natural product synthesis, kinetics of inorganic reactions, environmental chemistry, and FTIR studies of intermolecular hydrogen-bonded interactions. Stetson students often join professors in reporting research results at state and national chemistry meetings.

Gamma Sigma Epsilonmembers and the Student Affiliates of the American Chemistry Societyteam up to stage Chemistry Magic Shows for elementary school students from the local area.

Below are just some of the achievements our students have attained.


Students Jen-Chou Wang, Rebecca Levine and Jacob Geri, and faculty members Dr. Ramee Indralingam, Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs and Dr. John T. York attended and presented their research at the Annual American Chemical Society (ACS) Annual Meeting in Aneheim, CA, on March 27th - 30th, 2011.

Research Presentation
Jen Chou Wang - Detection of Bisphenol A in the leachate from storage containers and the possible interaction between BPA and an intracellular target (Dr. John T. York and Dr. Ramee Indralingam).


Research Presentation
Rebecca Levineand Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs- A computational investigation of hydrogen-bonding to the metal center in Cp*Rh(CO)2 and Cp*Ir(CO)2 complexes (Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs).


Research Presentation
Jacob Geri- Investigating the effect of auxiliary ligand basicity on copper-thiophene bond strength (Dr. John T. York).


Megan E. Lewis, Rebecca M. Levine, John T. York, W. Tandy Grubbs, "A Quick and Accurate Oxygen Based Pressure Sensor Assay for Measurement of Catalase Activity," Journal of Chemical Education (in press, 2009)


Stetson's chapter of the Student Affiliates of the A.C.S (SAACS) inducted new members and and presented several chemical magic shows for local fifth-grade students. In addition, the group sponsored a Saturday event where over one hundred local Boy Scouts, Webelos, and Cub Scouts came on campus to earn chemistry, and health-related merit badges. The activities of the SAACS, led by Dr. Ramee Indralingam, continues to be a major source of pride for the Chemistry Department.