Faculty and Staff

W. Tandy Grubbs, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair - Physical Chemistry
Office: 248
Phone: 386-822-8184
Email: wgrubbs@stetson.edu

Ramee Indralingam, Ph.D.
Professor - Analytical Chemistry
Office: 249
Phone: 386-822-8186
Email: rindrali@stetson.edu

Harry Price, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Biochemistry
Office: 236
Phone: 386-822-8878
Email: hprice@stetson.edu

Paul Sibbald, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Organic Chemistry
Office: 246
Phone: 386-822-8185
Email: psibbald@stetson.edu

John York, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Inorganic Chemistry
Office: 245
Phone: 386-822-8181
Email: jyork@stetson.edu

Ricky Coulson
Lab Manager – Chemistry Lab Director
Office: 240
Phone: 386-822-8183
Email: rcoulson@stetson.edu

Delphine P. Pinet, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice – Organic and General Chemistry
Office: 113-A
Phone: 386-822-7914
Email: dpinet@stetson.edu

Danielle DeVoney, Ph.D
Visiting Assistant Professor - Environmental Toxicology
Office: 247
Phone: 386-822-2509
Email: ddevoney@stetson.edu