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Liberal Arts Exposure to the Great Questions of Humankind, Which Have Been Pondered by Countless Generations of Americans.

David Keith (sophomore American Studies major) in AS 359E-03/PY 395E: Lives in Context: William James and the Cultures of Unbelief had this to say:

When I signed up for this class, I had no clue as to who William James was... I consider myself fairly intelligent but not very academic, but why had I not heard of him before? I think a person like William James, full of all his quirks and shortcomings, is an American hero... I think he knew the phrase 'all things happen for a reason.' I think he was more than a scientist and philosopher. There was a Godly essence about him. I am not sure if he even knew of his blessings. He helped so many people. For me to take this class, James continues to help others because, as corny as this might sound, I had doubts if I had any more roles in serving mankind. I felt I did what I could in my twenties and thirties. I am glad to have known a little something about William James, and even though I was only given a hint of the whole picture, he gave me a new Will to Believe.