Writings: Contributing to the Disciplines of Study

General Audience Publications and Presentations:

These newspaper and magazine are short and direct in approach, and they allow me to take my teaching to a larger classroom---the general public.

Publications and Presentations About Teaching:

These works have been my chance to reflect on the practice and ideas of teaching.

Book Reviews of Scholarship:

These are my reviews of scholarly books. Books are long and intricate, but the reviews give you an overview of the whole book in just a few pages, and by the way, these particular book reviews also can serve as good introductions to the fields of American studies, American history, cultural and intellectual history, religious studies, the history of science, and American philosophy.

Papers Presented at Professional Conferences:

These are presentations at professional meetings, and they are often my first drafts of course ideas, book chapters, and articles.

Scholarly Books and Articles:

This work is the coin of the realm in academia, the genre that makes reputations among fellow scholars; these works reflect my deepest scholarly reflections, especially about William James and his family, science and religion since the nineteenth century, and the cultural context around these topics; in addition, I've done some writing on race relations and mass culture.