Local Service

Organizer of international student panel, "America's Global Reach," 2005

Organizer of War Memories in Black and White: DeLand and the World from the 1940s, 2005

Organizer of Growing Up Black and White in DeLand, 2004

Organizer of College Students and Middle Schoolers Unite---to Play Games!, 2004

Organizer of faculty panel, "America's Global Reach," 2004

Organizer of faculty panel, "The US, Terrorism, and The Middle East," 2001

Director, Stetson American Studies International (SASI), 2000-

Director, Science and Religion Student Research (2SR) Program, 1997-

Member, President's Values Task Force, 1997-

Member, Environmental Responsibility Counsil, 1998-

Member, Honors Council, 1998-

Chair, Admission/Progress and Standard Committee, 2001

Director, Student Internships, American Studies Department, 1994-

Chair, Lincoln Hulley Prize for Distinguished Historical Research, 2000-2002

Member, Ethics and Family Business Committee, 1998-1999

Organizer, Hollis Book Feast on Edward Tenner's Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences, with student, faculty, and administration discussion, 1997

Faculty Senate, 1994-1997

  • Enrollment Management Committee, 1996
  • Educational Policies Committee, 1994-1995

Africana Studies Committee, 1993-2002

  • member, subcommittee on Internal Resources, 1993-1994
  • organizer of two-day presentation on Howard Thurman involving the Institute for Christian Ethics, Thurman Center, and Women and Gender Studies, 1998
  • chair, 2001-2002

Environmental Responsibility Council, 1999-

Environmental Studies Committee, 1993-

  • organizer of book discussion of David Orr's Earth in Mind, with student, faculty, administration, and grounds crew discussion, 1998
  • chair, 1999-2001

Pre-Law Committee, 1993-1999

  • chair, 1997-1998

Disney-Celebration School Committee, 1992-1996

Honors Executive Committee, 1990-1995

Faculty Advisor, Black Student Union, 1989-1996

Christian Ethics Committee, 1992-1993

Chair, Social Science Division, 1992-1993

Professional Development Committee, 1990-1992

Chair, Honors Program Committee, 1990-1992

Rollins College, organizer of new American Studies major, 1987-1989