Courses I Have Taught

American History survey (2 semesters)

American Cultural Traditions (2 semesters)

American Cultural Traditions (one-semester topics course)

The College Experience and the Formation of Adult Identities

Pragmatism and American Culture

Darwinism and the Divine in American Culture

Secular Humanism in American Culture

Religion and the Radical Imagination in American Culture (2 semesters)

American Immigration and Ethnicity

The American West: Natives and Newcomers

History and Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

American Political Cultures

Journalism and American Culture

Campaign Watching 2000 and 2004

The American Urban Experience

The United States Since 1920

American Culture in the 1950s and 1960s

The Mouse: Walt Disney and American Culture

Reading and Writing Media Culture

American Studies in Theory and Practice

The American Material Environment

American Environmental Issues

Nature and the American Marketplace

War and Peace in American Culture

Modern European History

Modern European Intellectual History

God and Nature in Modern Western Culture

The World Environment and the Rise of the West

Self and Society in the Modern World

Community Service