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Department Events: Films and Field Trips Fall 2007

Crystal Smith, a December 2005 graduate in American Studies, received both the Dian Christensen Award in American Studies and the campus-wide June Brooks Award for Student Activism for her tireless work to raise awareness about disability issues.

Awards at Fountain

Crystal Smith (center), standing with Emily Mieras and Paul Jerome Croce after receiving the Dian Christensen and June Brooks Awards (April 22, 2005)

Into the Dorms.... Emily Mieras and Paul Jerome Croce visited first-year dorms at preregistration times to talk about course selection and liberal arts education in general, and to discuss opportunities in American studies and other interdisciplinary programs that the department is involved with, including Africana studies, environmental sciences, honors, journalism, and women and gender studies. The message, captured in the title of their program, "Interdisciplinary is Not a Four-Letter Word," helps expand students' thinking about their choices for courses, majors and minors, and career development.