Local Internships

Work opportunities within commuting distance of Stetson's campus.

West Volusia Historical Society (DeLand)

This is a paying internship funded by the Historical Society. Students work at the Henry DeLand House and other sites as needed, performing tasks that address the Society's needs at the time. For example, previous interns have assessed and cataloged published and unpublished documents and photographs. This internship provides an opportunity for students to learn how historical associations preserve the past and to develop curatorial and cataloging skills.

Florida Department of Transportation, Commitment Compliance Program (DeLand)

This is a non-paying internship with the DeLand D.O.T. office, which assures its compliance with environmental regulations. It provides the intern with a first-hand look at how government operates, how laws affect government practices, and how development impacts the natural environment.

The Nature Conservancy (Altamonte Springs)

This is a nonpaying internship at the Florida chapter headquarters of the international environmental organization. Three interns, drawn from Stetson and other area colleges, work directly with professional staff in negotiations with business and government, in planning land management strategies, and in writing brochures and articles to communicate with the public. This internship is useful for students interested in working with environmental issues and pursuing careers in the nonprofit sector.

Children's House Montessori School (DeLand)

The school, with children from preschool through middle school, practices the creative, experiential methods of Maria Montessori. Children learn by doing, they work on projects at their own skill levels, and they help the younger children. The intern observes the children's education and helps teachers with projects. It does not include pay.

Paxson Communications (Orlando)

Paxson Communications owns a number of regional radio stations, appealing to a variety of markets. The interns can qualify for a number of jobs at the different stations and in the company's various offices. The initial appointments are usually nonpaying.

Exhibit Builders, Inc. (DeLand)

This private company works with museums and companies to plan, design, and install exhibits and to help promote the museum's or company's products. They are looking for interns with research abilities and curiosity and some familiarity with social history and art history. Interns learn some basic curatorial skills. There may be some opportunities for pay.

Atlantic Records (Orlando)

Steve Robertson scouts musical talent for Atlantic Records. The intern would serve as his assistant, working directly with him in going to shows, listening to music, and meeting people in the music business.

Volusia County Manager's Office (DeLand)

Interns can become involved, on a paid or non-paid basis, in the variety of work directed by the county manager, including legal work, law enforcement, environmental regulation, growth management, and other governmental activities.

Howard Thurman House (Daytona Beach)

Interns can become involved in the academic and community work of the historic house and its community development center in Daytona and at Stetson's Thurman Center. Thurman was a theologian, preacher, author and mentor to Martin Luther King, Junior, and Daytona Beach native. The Thurman House and the Thurman Center, which are directed by Jefferson Rogers and affiliated with Stetson's Institute for Christian Ethics, are dedicated to empowering the African-American community in its neighborhood through speakers and cultural and educational programs.

News Channel 2: WESH-TV (Orlando)

Interns assist and learn about the operations of the newsroom. They work in sales, communications services, or news departments. Some of the activities include responding to beat calls, researching background information on news stories, answering questions from the public, and assembling and evaluating information for use on air.