Paid Research Internships

Student Research in Science and Religion Program

In each semester since 1999, the American Studies Department has offered an "internal internship" for students interested in research on the cultural impact of science and religion. In my Templeton Foundation grant, I specified that part of the money would go to students for research with me on science and religion topics broadly conceived. The Student Research in Science and Religion (2SR) Program can pay up to $500.00 for a semester of work (fall, spring, and sometimes summer).


  • Open to all Stetson students
  • Good research experience is required


Good background preparation for many senior research courses

  • Excellent addition to applications for graduate school, law school, medical school, and many careers
  • An interdisciplinary opportunity for scientists to link their work to issues in the humanities and social sciences and for students in these fields to learn things from the sciences.
  • Production of a paper or publication to enhance the resume

Suggested Topics:

  • Changing attitudes toward science and religion in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and today
  • Creationism and Evolutionism across the religious spectrum
  • Thought and life of William James or legacy of James up to the present
  • Theoretical and practical ways to understand the relation of science and religion
  • Impact of medicine on new and traditional approaches to the understanding of science and religion.
  • Survey of Stetson faculty activities inside and outside the classroom related to religion, ethics, and community outreach

Required Work:

  • Regular meetings to talk about topics, questions, sources, outlines, drafts, and writing
  • A research paper suitable for delivery at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Stetson's Undergraduate Scholarship and Performance Day, or other outlets


  • Submit a transcript, a cover letter (one or two pages) outlining the topic of research, and the name of a reference person by the beginning of advising each semester to be considered for this program.
  •  All applicants will be notified by the end of registration-allowing time to plan for the next semester's courses


  • I will choose applications based on their quality, the person's ability to complete the work and their compatibility with my current research
  • Send your application to Paul Jerome Croce, Box 8274, Stetson University, 421 N. Woodland Boulevard., DeLand, FL 32723
  • For more information, contact me at [email protected] or 386-822-7533.