Culture Games

Analyzing American culture is serious business, but it can also be lots of fun to have your finger on the pulse of the meaning of America or to try to get a handle on the moving target of our cultural kaleidoscope! Join us in the fun, and receive historic (or at least American studies-like!) prizes -- join us in the study of American culture! To claim your prize, email your findings to Paul Croce at [email protected].

Culture Watching

As you spend your days circulating through American culture, do you ever find something outrageous, silly or insightful, or that reminds you of something you studied in class? Sometimes an event or artifact just seems to leap out as a case study of some trend or character trait. Send it along to us - it could be a bumper sticker, a headline, a building design, a political statement or some other artifact from the sea of American cultural life.

All in the Family

Many students of American studies classrooms say that after learning cultural analysis they can never view the parade of American culture the same way again -- even reading magazines or watching TV. That started happening to us years ago, and we never stopped culture watching.


Bumper Stickers and Other Cultural Statements

Bumper stickers, headlines and other brief cultural cries from the heart: here are some examples of good pithy cultural statements; let us know what you are finding out there.