Emily Mieras

Emily Mieras


I teach a wide range of courses in American Studies that approach the study of American culture using both contemporary and historical perspectives as well as multiple texts, from film, memoir, and literature to scholarly writing.I am interested in contemporary trends in popular culture and consumer culture, but also in the historical roots of those trends. The turn-of-the-twentieth-century period is one of my favorite eras to teach.I also teach several courses that look at gender in American culture (both male and female), as well as women's history. 



I am moving toward the completion of a book that studies the history of college students and community service. The book looks at what, how, and why students became involved in service in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am also interested in studying planned communities in the United States, consumer trends, and the representation of ideas like family values in popular culture, See my research topics for more details.


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