American Studies Guest Lectures

Captain Jerry Sheppard, ROTC: The Soldier's Experience of War, 2005

Steve Jordon, Conscientious Objection Counselor: What War Does to Soldiers, 2005

Khaled Diab, Olive Trees Foundation for Peace: Middle East dilemmas, 2005

Captain Dan Mettling, ROTC: Preparing for War, 2004

Ingrid Swenson, Peace DeLand: Working for Peace, 2004

David Orr, Oberlin College: "Campus Greening and Environmental Responsibility" with Bob Sitler, 2000

Larry Potter, Memphis Environmental Court Judge: "The Environmental Courtroom," 1998

Michael Haridopolos (class of 1993) and Amy Hendricks, Brevard Community College: "Ten Big Issues Facing Our Generation," 1998

Michael Carlebach, University of Miami, "Shooting War: Photojournalism During the Vietnam War," 1998

Journalism and American Culture: Six Regional Perspectives: Mark Lane, Daytona Beach News-Journal; Barbara Shepherd, DeLand Beacon; Joni James, Orlando Sentinel; John E. Evans, Halifax Magazine; Kent Morton, WESH-TV; Bob Press, Christian Science Monitor; and Lawrence O'Rourke, McClatchy Newspapers, 1997

Edward Tenner, Princeton University: "Technological Standards ... So Many to Choose from: A Sequel to Why Things Bite Back, 1997

John Haught, Georgetown University: "Evolution and the Quest for Cosmic Purpose," 1997

John Lambie, Florida House: "Sustainable Development for the Twenty-First Century," 1996

John McNeill, Georgetown University: "Survival of the Dirtiest?: International Systems and Environmental Change," 1994

George Crane, Williams College: "China and World Politics," 1991