Student-Faculty Collaborations

Students have opportunities to collaborate with faculty at every turn, including class projects, collaborating on research and office-hour advising on coursework and careers. The department and the university also offer a number of opportunities for further collaboration between students and faculty:

SURE Grants

The Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) offers summer grants to students to work on a research project with a faculty mentor. A number of American studies majors have won SURE grants, and for each of them, the grant was a crucial part of their senior research project:

  • Susan Hartley studied race relations in St. Augustine in the years since the long hot summers of 1964-1965.
  • Sara Cotner researched the impact of gender on primary school children's performance.
  • Michael Chronister studied the impact of technology on copyright and the public sphere in issues of intellectual property.
  • Michael McCombs investigated boot camps for girls in Central Florida and presented his work at a WGS roundtable presentation, "Your Mother Wears Combat Boots: Gender Modeling, Deviance and Military Rehabilitation in a Boot Camp for Adolescent Girls"

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Stetson Showcase

Each spring Stetson University hosts a conference for students from every major to present their research and creative work. A number of American Studies students have been presenters:

  • Karen Winkle (1998)
  • Krista Brindle (2001)

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