Student Research in Science and Religion (2SR) Program

This is an "internal internship," since it gives students a chance to intern in professional academic research right on campus. As part of his Templeton Foundation grant for Exemplary Courses in Science and Religion, Paul Croce specified that part of the money would go to students for research in science and religion topics, broadly conceived. Beginning in the fall of 1997, up to two internships have been available each semester, paying up to $500.00 each.

  • American studies major Suzanne Hartley (class of 1998) and communications major Leslie Coulter (class of 1998) participated in the program in 1997-1998 by conducting background interviews with elder citizens of Cassadaga to assist Ann and Paul Croce's article "Keepers of the Veil: Life Stories of Cassadaga's Senior Residents," which appeared in the book Cassadaga: The Continuing Story of a Florida Spiritualist Camp (University Press of Florida, 2000).
  • Digital arts major Adrienne Harvey (class of 1999) produced the video "H. P. Lovecraft in DeLand" about the novelist and science fiction writer's experiences in Central Florida.
  • Brian Mistler (class of 2001) chose to do his internal internship for credit as a Research Collaboration course (AS 496) working with Paul Croce on his ongoing research on William James. In this independent study course, Brian Mistler read James' works in psychology, Paul Croce's published work on James and drafts of chapters from Croce's next book. This gave him a chance to learn about the process of developing a research project, from developing the initial idea through the details of research and the subtleties of professional reviews, to final publication. By the end of the semester, Brian produced his own research paper on James' psychology.