Stetson HATS

High Achieving Talented Students is specifically designed for gifted, high-achieving and academically-accelerated students grades K-12. We provide year-round academic enrichment programs, which aim to provide rich content, like-minded fellowship with other students, and opportunities for parents to share ideas and discuss strategies with experts in gifted education. Research supports the need for such programs for highly gifted and talented students who work and learn at a faster pace. Students K-12 who have achieved scores at or above the 95% on a nationally normed standardized test, who participate in a gifted program, who have already participated in the Stetson HATS program, or who are recommended by an educator are invited to participate in our HATS program.

Any student who attends a weekend workshop or our summer programming who subsequently decides to enroll at Stetson University will get scholarships that cover the costs. This scholarship offers $50 per weekend workshop or $300 per summer session, up to $4000 total ($1000/year over the course of 4 years).

Our courses are limited due to COVID-19. We have a wonderful on-line Creative Writing workshop on October 31, 2020. Apply now to participate in the HATS program.

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Fall Programming For HATS

Spooky Stories with David Finkle

This course will examine the different variations of horror stories and their construction, and then delve into the tools authors use to create scenes of suspense, terror and… well, horror.

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