Summer Courses

HATS Summer Program

Every summer, the Stetson HATS Program offers week-long academic enrichment courses for high achieving and gifted students in kindergarten through 12th grade that encourage students to explore their academic areas of interest in a collegiate setting.

2019 Summer Program

  • Classes are held in the Sage Science Center at the University's DeLand campus.
  • All classes will meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Tuition for each week-long class is $275.
  • Classes will be held the weeks of July 15-19 and July 22-26.

If you have any questions about enrollment eligibility, please email

July 15-19 Courses

DEL - 101 | Habitats Around the World | Grades K-1

Animals, plants and people all have different adaptations that allow them to live in particular habitats around the world. As humans, we get to learn about these habitats and what inhabits them, however, true learning comes from experience! Each day students will explore a completely different habitat and learn all there is to know about the species that are lucky enough to live there. They will track animal footprints, develop conservation plans, discover different uses for native plants, learn about specific regional cultures, and more! Students will pack a pretend suitcase for a lengthy week-long trip around the world. Passports and travel diaries will be provided as students document their journey and record all that they observe. This will be a habitat excursion of a lifetime that you do not want to miss!  Register Now.

DEL - 102 | Math-terpieces| Grades 2 - 3

What do Cubism, Pointillism, Impressionism, Tessellations, Geometry, and you have in common? Each in a unique way celebrates the relationship between art and math! Come discover your inner artist as you learn from the masters and stretch your minds with math challenges! We’ll explore the works of some of the most famous artists in all of history. Discover the art of math (or math as art) through their eyes, their world, their creations ... and yours! Register Now.

DEL - 103 | Fiction Writing – Short Fiction | Grades 4 - 12

This introductory course to fiction writing is a deep dive into storytelling. Students will do a series of writing exercises that will hone their skills in narration, description, dialogue, and interior monologue. They will also participate in writing a collaborative short story with the class and then write their own original short story to be published in a class anthology. Students will receive personal feedback and guidance from the instructor, author of the book Teaching Students to Make Writing Visual and Vivid. (This course is a prerequisite for Novel Writing; both courses can be taken in the same summer.) Register Now.

DEL - 104 | Exploring the Final Frontier | Grades 4 - 8

In this course we will investigate, explore, and design solutions for numerous problems in the field of space science. During the week, participants will design, create and evaluate a polymer spacesuit, analyze simulated astronaut urine from the ISS, compute the effect of gravity on planets, design and test an ROV to capture a failed space probe deep in a trench on the Moon and many more! This course is filled with hands-on experiences to challenge your ingenuity and creativity in the field of Space Science. Register Now.

DEL-106 | Diving Deep into Marine Biology | Grades 8 - 12

Do you love spending time in the ocean? Are you interested in dolphins, whales, sharks, or other sea creatures? Marine biology is the science of saltwater and everything that lives, moves, and filters through it. From estuaries to coral reefs and deep oceans to the open seas, this huge body of saltwater covers about seventy percent of our planet's surface and contains many different marine ecosystems. Life within it is more diverse than life on land. Join us as we discover the organisms, plants, and animals that live in oceans or saltwater environments; uncover some of the major environmental threats facing the oceans; explore the anatomy of several sea creatures with hands on dissections; and understand the importance of the marine ecosystem and how you can make a difference for our environment. Are you ready to dive deep? Register Now.

July 22-26 Courses

DEL- 221 | Florida Wilderness | Grades K - 1

Let’s take a trek into the Florida Wilderness. From the beaches to the inland forests and the St. Johns River, Florida’s subtropical climate supports many diverse and rich ecosystems. We’ll look back to how the Native Americans lived off the land. We’ll learn about our animal neighbors like the Florida black bear, panther, and scrub jay, and use binoculars to observe the wildlife around us. Florida can be explored and enjoyed through a large network of hiking trails, waterways, state parks, and national forests. Grab your map and compass and let's get moving. After a try at fishing from a canoe we build ourselves, we’ll settle in for campfire stories and s’mores, all the while learning to become responsible stewards of the environment. Register Now.

DEL - 222 | STEM Based Tall Tales | Grades 2 - 3

Tall Tales are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation with exaggerated details and otherworldly characters. Although our favorite tall tales are entertaining and leave us with an appreciation of story elements, these stories would not be possible without engineering! Paul Bunyan needed a lot of force to allow him to complete those superhuman tasks. Students will be studying different famous tall tales each day and completing hands-on STEM projects that align with each story. Students will be able to link language arts and historical information with engineering and mathematics while creating machines that are likely to be the modern-day equivalent to these characters. Catapults, suspension bridges, pulleys, and load bearing structures are just a few of the STEM projects students will be able to experience firsthand. Construction hats will be on and hands will be moving as we make these tall tales come to life. Register Now.

DEL-223 | Chemistry | Grades 4 – 6

Chemistry is a branch of science that studies how matter works in the world. Join us as we learn about the properties of matter, chemical reactions, elements, the Periodic Table and so much more. Students will experience many hands-on learning activities including chemistry experiments.We might get a little messy so come prepared for fun day filled with crazy and unusual science experiments. Get your lab gear on and let’s get chemical! Register Now.

DEL - 224 | Flash Fiction – Novel Writing | Grades 4 - 12

This will be the 11th time HATS students have met to create a novel. This course will take students on a journey: from pitching ideas, to developing them into a premise, and on to developing settings, characters, conflicts, and backstories, and, finally, an outline for a complete novel. The outline will be jig sawed into pieces so that each student will write individual chapters of the story. During the last part of the week, students will draft and revise their final chapters, and the final book will be published as a paperback novel. (This course is for students who have taken a previous summer fiction course or those who took the Short Fiction course the previous week.) Register Now.

DEL-225 | Forensic Science | Grades 7 - 10

221B Baker Street, London. An address many have heard of but only a handful would dare to visit. Will you be one of the few? Welcome to the private domain of the renowned and revered “consulting detective”, Sherlock Holmes. Following years of negotiation, pleading and imploring, Mr. Holmes has graciously agreed to open the doors of 221B Baker Street to those who truly wish to learn some of his methods in solving London’s most notorious crimes. You may think you know how to apply scientific observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning to solve a mystery. In all likelihood, you haven’t a clue. Or do you? Register Now.