Summer Camps

Faculty Academic Enrichment

Stetson University's distinguished faculty represents a wide variety of expertise. Many Stetson professors teach special classes designed for high ability students that enjoy the breadth and depth of study afforded by these classes. These courses present an opportunity for students to investigate new fields of study, work with an expert, and collaborate with like-minded students. Topics vary widely and include languages, science, and computer topics. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing fields of computer science. Cyber threats, cyber warfare, state-sponsored hacking, phishing and ransomware are mentioned in mainstream media virtually every day and potentially threaten our personal, corporate and national security and way of life.

Cyber Security Camp

Computer Science Robotics Camp

This STEM-focused coding camp provides hands-on experience with the open-source Arduino microcontroller and related components. Students will work with LEDs, LCDs, potentiometers, photoresistors, servos and circuit design, perfect for learning the basics of electrical engineering.

Computer Science Robotics Camp