The WELL Team (Wellness Educators for Life-long Learning) are Stetson University's premier peer education group, educating students on healthy lifestyles and strong decision-making skills. WELL Team members are trained and certified peer educators through the BACCHUS Network, volunteering their time to actively promote healthy behaviors to fellow students. Health topics include healthy relationship, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, sexual assault prevention, nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep management. Through fun, interactive and educational programs the WELL Team strives to educate students on critical components to lead to a successful college experience.

Instagram handle: @hatterwellness

Programs and Initiatives

Health Huts

Health Huts are bi-weekly informational appearances by the WELL Team on campus, using motivational interviewing techniques to discuss various health topics. Topics include healthy relationships, exercise, being an empowered bystander and other health concerns.

Other Programs and Initiatives

  • Hatterzone
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Stress-Free Week

How to Apply

The application process to be a WELL Team member takes place between mid-August and early October.  If you are interested in joining please email  

Who are the WELL Team members?

  • Natalie Jacob - Lead Wellness Assistant
  • Elena Finver - Wellness Assistant
  • DeArvis Troutman - Wellness Assistant
  • Brendan Haviland - Wellness Assistant
  • Savannah Haughton - Wellness Assistant
  • Isabelle Wandenkolk - Wellness Assistant
  • Alisa Goldstein
  • Gabriel Smith
  • Deza Free
  • Ashley Lopez Olijnyk
  • Chelsea Seaver
  • Tahira Perry
  • Julya Lizarralde
  • Sofia Buck
  • Ci'erra Larsen
  • Eric Martinez
  • Vincenzo Cornacchione