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Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual assault is non-consensual sexual contact using any object or body part, or sexual intercourse (anal, oral or vaginal) involving force, manipulation or coercion. It's an act of aggression, violence and power, and is a felony crime. The assailant can be a stranger, relative, acquaintance, or date. Sexual assault is a crime and can be committed upon any human being, exclusive of gender. Assaults can happen in different scenarios by a stranger or someone you know well.

The following are examples of sexual assault scenarios:

  • Having sexual intercourse with an unwilling person or using threats or physical force to obtain sexual favors
  • Having sexual intercourse with a person who is physically unconscious or asleep
  • Participating in a sex act with someone who is incapacitated due to the influence of drugs or alcohol and as such is unable to clearly consent to the act. The use of alcohol or drugs by the perpetrator does not diminish the violation.

For more information, see the Code of Community Standards and Title IX Information.

For information regarding ongoing initiatives and/or prevention efforts contact Christina Cetti at [email protected].  

Technology-Based Education

Think About It

Think About It is an online interactive personalized health and wellness tool that addresses a variety of topics including alcohol, drugs, sexual health, and violence prevention. Program completion is federally mandated for all incoming students.

United Educators

United Educators is an online education tool that focuses on sexual assault prevention, consent, and reporting.  

Campus-Wide Programming

Can I Kiss You (August)

This program focuses on empowering students to create a healthier and safer campus. The program has three main focus areas including skills on “asking first” to ensure consent, how to intervene when alcohol is being used, and strategies for students to “open doors” for sexual assault survivors to come forward, teaching them the skills needed to be supportive.

Traveling Postcards Workshop (October) 

An estimated one in five women will be victims of sexual assault during their college years. A Traveling Postcards Workshop is a healing arts workshop that gives voice and comfort to survivors of gender violence. The 90-minute workshop is fun, non- threatening and deeply moving. Workshops are held in coordination with professional counselors, victim advocates, sexual assault response coordinators and community leaders. Traveling Postcard workshops are also an excellent tool for advocacy and promoting gender equality on college campuses.

Take Back the Night (Spring)

Take Back the Night is a national foundation seeking to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse, and all other types of sexual violence.  The Stetson University event culminates with a candle ceremony to remember victims of sexual assault, as students, counselors, and community partners provide stories and experiences.  Community partners educate students on speaking out and being empowered bystanders.

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes (Spring 2018)

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in the community about the serious causes, effects, and remediation of men's sexualized violence against women.  This is a collaborative event is designed to raise awareness against sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Men from across campus participate in a half mile obstacle course while wearing high heeled shoes.  Counselors from Student Counseling Services and Domestic Abuse Council attend the event, providing words of inspiration to victims and explaining the importance of ending sexual assault and domestic violence.

Health Promotion Presentations

The Pre-Game for Athletes

An alcohol education presentation geared towards athletes. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered before requesting ‘The Cool Down for Athletes.'

The Cool Down for Athletes

A presentation geared towards athletes that covers Bystander Intervention and Consent around alcohol and other drugs. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered after participants have seen ‘The Pre-Game for Athletes.'

Alcohol 101

An alcohol education presentation geared towards the general student body. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered before requesting ‘Sex Under the Influence.'

Sex Under the Influence

The presentation covers the relationship between sex and alcohol, bystander intervention, and consent. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered after participants have seen ‘Alcohol 101.'

Healthy Relationships

This presentation covers key components of what makes up a healthy relationship, whether a romantic relationship, friendship or familial. This program also provides information and resources on unhealthy relationships.

Safe Sex Party

The presentation offers information on safer sex practices, barrier methods of contraception, and a brief overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections and testing.

Being a Healthy Hatter

This general wellness presentation covers the dimensions of wellness and how to leverage your personal health and well-being to do your best while in school. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered before participants can attend the program ‘Creating Healthy Hatters'.

Creating a Healthy Hatter

This presentation teaches participants how to role-model healthy behaviors and how to intervene to promote healthy behaviors in their community. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered after participants have seen the program ‘Being a Healthy Hatter.'

Intervene!  Bystander Intervention

This presentation shows a variety of scenarios in which being an active bystander is crucial. The presentation also addresses warning signs, intervention techniques, and campus resources to enable students to feel confident in their abilities to intervene. This presentation is offered by request through the DEVELOPED website and should be offered before the train the trainer program.

Self Defense Courses

Provided by Certified Firearms Instruction – a class that teaches practical skills for self-defense in a variety of settings. 


A fun an interactive game that combines components of Trivia and BINGO to engage students in learning about safer sex practices.

Campus Outreach

Peer Health Hut:  Turn the Red Zone Green 

These tabling events are set up in a variety of locations across campus to promote consent and bystander interventions. Participants sign a pledge to be supportive of getting consent, stepping in when someone appears to need assistance and reminding others that consent should never be implied.

Peer Health Hut:  Let's Get It On

This tabling event, hosted during Sexual Responsibility Week, discusses safer sex practices including the 12 steps of condom use which includes consent as a critical step.

Social Norm & Reality Campaign Posters

The Reality Campaign is a social norms campaign at Stetson that uses the National College Health Assessment Survey (NCHA) to expose students to misperceptions and behaviors of Stetson University students. Posters generally show a perception in behaviors (but not limited to) alcohol and other drugs, tobacco usage, sexual health, sexual assault, and various other health impediments. Through this students have a stronger understanding of the healthy normative behaviors among college students, increasing acceptance of being healthy, responsible, and safe.

Hatter Bladder Chatter Fliers

What place do you frequent every day, at home and in public places? Restrooms in residential housing units and community facilities provide a great opportunity to expose students to health and wellness prevention methods and events on campus to promote healthy behaviors. Information can be presented to students in a visible and frequented place, in order to familiarize students with health statistics and resources available at Stetson University.

Condom Pack Consent Brochures

Wellness and Recreation distributes traditional male condoms as a free resource to students on campus. Condoms are packaged to provide two condoms, two lubricant packets, condom use information and a guide to condom use created by The WELL Team. The guide contains information on the 12 steps of condom use, STI statistics, and information on consent.


Stetson University Resources

  • Student Counseling Services
  • Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) works to raise awareness about local, national, and international issues of sexual assault, and to start an ongoing conversation about consent, victim-blaming, and rape culture.
  • Stetson is a campus affiliate of the National Organization for Women (NOW) — the nation's largest women's rights group. Members are activists who seek to end gender-based discrimination and promote feminism on campus and in the community.
  • Office of Community Standards
  • Public Safety

Community Resources