Peer Advisory Council for Title IX

Peer Advisory Council for Title IX are activists, educators and advocates working toward creating a culture of consent on Stetson’s campus. This means encouraging and embodying the values of gender equality, intersectionality, inclusivity, honesty, openness, and compassion. Our ultimate goal is to end sexual and domestic violence on campus. We are a student-run group comprised of PACT representatives and umbrella organizations that share the goal of creating a safer environment. We seek to foster dialogue around Title IX issues, educate our community, support survivors, utilize TItle IX resources and make sure our peers can too, and build awareness around the facts of sexual and domestic violence.

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To reach our goal of campus-wide education, we offer multiple events and programming initiatives throughout the year. 

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Active Bystander Strategies

Part of creating a culture of consent is speaking up when you think consent isn’t present in a situation. This is called being an active bystander!


Consent is freely given without force, threat, or coercion. It is also retractable and can be withdrawn at any time. Consent is informed; STI/STD status should be disclosed, contraception method should be agreed upon, and all parties are conscious and willing. Consent is specific and an ongoing conversation about each activity.

Supporting Survivors

If someone comes to you with their story of surviving sexual assault, it is an honor. They are showing how much they trust you and value your place in their life. It is important to remember this when going forward and supporting them. You may want to ask questions about what happened, or spring into action and make decisions, but that could actually do more harm than good.


Some resources are private while others are confidential. Private resources are entirely safe to talk to and tell about an experience, but what makes them private instead of confidential is that a small group of people finds out, and often times a report is generated.