University Ring

The University Ring

Stetson University receives several thousand applications for admission from around the world every year. Of those highly qualified applicants, only a very select group is admitted for enrollment and, of those admitted, an even smaller group finally meets the requirements to receive their degrees. Those who achieve that goal are deservedly proud of their achievement. There is one symbol that truly recognizes that accomplishment—The Official Stetson University Alumni Association Class Ring.

Information about the Official Class Ring is sent to qualified students as well as to their families. Officially endorsed by the Alumni Association, the ring is copyrighted to protect it from duplication. The design of the Official Class Ring will not change - it's the common bond between those who graduate this year, those who will graduate in years to come, and those who have graduated in years past. It's reserved exclusively for those students who have completed at least 62 credit hours and have achieved junior or senior year standing.

Prior to graduation, the ring is worn facing you, signifying your continued growth and development at Stetson University. Once your degree is conferred upon you during Commencement, you are invited to turn the ring so it faces outward, signifying your "going out" into the world.

Did You Know?

They say that if you don't dunk your ring in Holler Fountain the day you receive it, you'll lose it and you won't graduate!