Stetson Traditions

At Stetson University, we value our traditions. From Homecoming to Values Day, we understand that being a Hatter is an empowering and significant experience. Explore some of our traditions and find out what it means to be a Stetson Hatter!


Historic Traditions

Stetson University's DeLand campus is one of the major landmarks of the area, and its buildings and features all have stories to tell. Have you ever heard that Elizabeth Hall is haunted? Do you know what it means when you hear the Victory Bells ringing? Find out here!


Stetson University has a storied athletic tradition that dates back to the university's founding, and over that time several cheers and songs have developed that get our fans pumped up!

March of the Hatters

Before kickoff at each football game, the team arrives at Spec Martin Stadium and enters the stadium. Lining the entrance to the stadium, fans and tailgaters cheer the team on as they walk in.

Late Night Breakfast

Every semester on the last day of class, the university faculty and staff serve a late night breakfast to students in the Lynn Dining Commons in a fun atmosphere for students studying for finals.

The University Ring

The University Ring is the official class ring of Stetson University, and links our past graduates with today's students and beyond.

Values Day

Dating to the university's strategic commitment to increase awareness of its values, Values Day is today a day of reflection for the campus community, during which everyone comes together to evaluate where we are as a community.