SUccess Story

First Year SUccess Story

What is SUccess Story?

Want to kick off your first year at Stetson right? SUccess Story allows you to explore your campus community by challenging you to attend 3 events in each of the following 4 categories during your first semester: 

  • Attend FOCUS Orientation.
  • Enjoy a Stetson NCAA sporting event.
  • Participate in a residential hall event.
  • Participate in a Cross Cultural Center event.
  • Participate in a service project at the Center of Community Engagement.
  • Enjoy the Central Florida area.
  • Attend a campus event sponsored by a student organization.
  • Attend an event sponsored by Hatter Productions
  • Attend Org Fair.
  • Participate in a Stetson Tradition

  • Complete the “Think About It” program online.
  • Join a Meditation Starter Kit
  • Complete five workouts or group exercise classes at the Hollis Center.
  • Join a Club Sport or Intramural Team
  • Participate in Stress Less Day events
  • Visit the Health Hut.
  • Attend a Wellness Workshop.
  • Join a counseling group.
  • Attend a SOAR trip.
  • Participate in a sleep assessment.

  • Attend your Advising Lab.
  • Attend a Big Questions Series session.
  • Participate in Values Day.
  • Visit a professor during their office hours.
  • Attend a Discovery event.
  • Celebrate your first "A".
  • Utilize Tutoring/SPI/Success Coaching/Writing Center
  • Study with your friends in the Hollis Family Student Success Center.
  • Attend a cultural credit event.
  • Create a personal system for time management/organization

  • Attend the student employment fair.
  • Create a four-year plan with Student Financial Aid.
  • Build your resume with Career and Professional Development.
  • Visit the Internship Showcase.
  • Interview an upperclassmen student leader.
  • Interview an Alumni that may share your interests.
  • Complete the SALT program.
  • Attend the Leadership Summit.
  • Attend the ULEAD Fair.
  • Vote in the Local, State, and/or National/International Elections.

What kind of events do these categories encompass? Anything from going to FOCUS Orientation, attending the ULead Fair, or meeting with your professors can count towards completing SUccess Story. Take a selfie at the event and log it online. it's that simple!

Log Your Campus Participation!

Log the events you've attended at the link below.

SUccess Story Tracking Page


Every student who completes the SUccess Story program will receive a FREE shirt compliments of Stetson! Additionally, you will be entered to win a number of additional prizes, including the grand prize of $1000 to the Bookstore. Who doesn't want free stuff for attending campus events?!