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Digital Billboards

Be Green!

Advertise in the Carlton Union Building by posting an ad on our digital displays! These screens are visible throught the entire building, and are a great way to spread your message while saving paper!


In order to complete and submit the CUB Digital Billboard form, you must first be a member of HatterSync. Once you're a member, use this procedure to complete and submit the form.

  1. Open the CUB Digital Billboard form.
  2. Select "Begin Form."
  3. Choose who you are submitting the form on behalf of and select "Next."
  4. Complete the required fields on the next page.
  5. Select "I Agree."
  6. Upload the advertisement in the File Upload field.
  7. Select "Next."


General Guidelines

  • The CUB Digital Billboard  submissions are reviewed every Monday.  Please ensure that your submission is in prior to the Monday you would like it to be displayed.
  • Submissions will not run on any screen for longer than one week.  
  • Submissions may not be featured on eveyr digital sign depending on the amount of content available at one time.  
  • Design submissions must meet the University standards for advertising and posting within the community.  

Formatting Guidelines for Slides

  • The only format accepted will be 11x17" vertical or 17x11" horizontal JPEG images.
  • All submissions must contain the following information:
    • Name of event/promotion
    • Date of event/promotion
    • Location of event/promotion if applicable
    • Group sponsoring the event and contact information 
    • Statement of accessibility 
  • For readability, avoid cursive or script-type fonts.
  • Do not use copyrighted images without attribution.
  • Make sure images aren't stretched or warped.
  • Your slides should look clean and organized.