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Digital Billboards

Be Green!

Advertise in the Carlton Union Building by posting an ad on our three TVs! These screens are visible in the coffee shop, the Commons and the Hat Rack, and are a great way to spread your message while saving paper!

The digital billboards are a joint offering between the Office of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy and the Student Government Association.


In order to complete and submit the CUB Digital Billboard form, you must first be a member of HatterSync. Once you're a member, use this procedure to complete and submit the form.

  1. Open the CUB Digital Billboard form.
  2. Select "Begin Form."
  3. Choose who you are submitting the form on behalf of and select "Next."
  4. Complete the required fields on the next page.
  5. Select "I Agree."
  6. Upload the advertisement in the File Upload field.
  7. Select "Next."


General Guidelines

  • The CUB Digital Billboard form should be submitted three business days prior to the day you want it to be displayed.
  • We'll keep your advertisement posted for a maximum of seven days.
  • Please read and understand Section XII of the Organization Manual before sending us your advertisement. This policy will tell you the university's rules for posting on campus. If these rules are not followed, your advertisement will not be shown.

Formatting Guidelines for Slides

  • Your advertisement should be sent to us in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher (PPTX) format.
  • Your advertisement should be sized at the 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • To size your advertisement, click the Design tab on the ribbon, then click Page Setup. Set the width to 16 and the height to 9.
  • Fonts should be no smaller than 30 pt.
  • Use only one of the following fonts:
    • Arial
    • Calibri
    • Times New Roman
  • For readability, avoid cursive or script-type fonts.
  • Do not use copyrighted images without attribution.
  • Make sure images aren't stretched or warped.
  • Your slides should look clean and organized.

Formatting Guidelines for Video

The digital billboards support video. If you'd like to use video in your advertisement, follow these guidelines:

  • Videos should be formatted as either MPG, MPEG, or FLV files.
  • It's best if you first upload your video to YouTube and provide us with a link to it.
  • Your video must be 60 seconds or less.
  • While videos can have sound, we can't guarantee that it'll be heard.
  • Music will work well, but people speaking may be difficult to hear.
  • Any music used must not be copyrighted.