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About LEAD Team

LEAD Team is a collective team of student leaders focused on developing, designing, and facilitating programs centered around further student leadership development at Stetson University. Through Lead Team initiatives, we hope to strengthen Stetson students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Sixteen students wearing blue shirts sitting on a dock laughing and talking

Each year, approximately 20 students are selected to serve as LEAD Team Facilitators and Assistant Facilitators. These students are selected due to their experience as student leaders, their passion to make an impact on the Stetson community and the skills they exhibit to support leadership development. Members of LEAD Team go through training, support the development and direction of their program, and serve as mentors to students at Stetson.

                                               Seven students wearing blue shirts on a dock. A male student is sitting with his arms up. Three female students are on the backs of the other three female students. There is a large lake behind them. 

Applications for fall 2018 programs are available now at stetson.edu/ulead

More Information

For more information about LEAD Team contact LEAD Team at studentleadership@stetson.edu.