University Marketing Building
Holler Fountain

About University Marketing

Stetson University Marketing (SUM) coordinates and oversees the marketing and communications efforts of Stetson University. Our goal is to increase public awareness of the university through effective marketing principles and communication strategies that enhance Stetson University's image with a consistent and unified message. SUM works with faculty, staff, students, alumni and the public to promote the university's priorities and create a more complete understanding of the university and its mission.

The Office of Stetson University Marketing

Stetson University Marketing utilizes an integrated marketing approach employing a wide variety of communications tools and best practices to help the university and its schools, colleges and departments compete for students, faculty, for alumni and other friends eager to partner with us financially.

Integrated marketing at Stetson University is about creative people, with a strategic focus, working in close collaboration with university partners and sharing responsibility for the attainment of school/college or university goals and objectives. Communication and marketing plans and strategies must be informed by research and work must be integrated in such a way that individual efforts build upon and reinforce other efforts.

We are primarily a service department vested in the success of our university partners and the attainment of their goals in alignment with university goals. We care deeply that our work leads to the success of those who work with us and in turn the university. Our services include strategic marketing advice, advertising development, brand management, news and media relations, public relations and communication with all our audiences, among others.