Educational Presentations and Training Sessions

Many educational presentations and training sessions are readily available; some of these are listed below.

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Anxiety, Depression, and Stress


Learn what anxiety looks like and how to differentiate between everyday anxiety and anxiety disorders; take a closer look at anxiety disorders and coping strategies for dealing with anxiety.

Depression and "The Blues"

Learn about the types and symptoms of depression and how to distinguish between sadness and depression. This presentation includes tips on helping a friend, resources and coping skills for managing sadness and depression.

Stress Management

This presentation includes information on stress, including the symptoms and common college stressors. Also, learn about the negative effects of stress and how to cope in healthy ways.

Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating

Learn about the different types of eating disorders and the associated behavioral, emotional, psychological, physical, and social signs and symptoms. This session also covers health consequences and how to help a friend.

Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Learn about the stages of grief and the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms. This presentation also includes suggestions to assist individuals in the healing process or when reacting to a physical, social or occupational loss.

Suicide, Grief and Loss

This presentation includes the facts related to suicide, including potential warning signs, and suggestions on what to do or say in situations where an individual may be contemplating suicide. It also includes information on the symptoms and stages of grief and loss and addresses the healing process.

Personal Safety

Bullying and How to Stop It

Learn about what bullying in college is, how it impacts victims, bullies and bystanders, and how to intervene and/or prevent bullying behaviors.

Relationships, Communication, and Conflict Resolution

Assertiveness: How to Stand Up Without Standing On

This presentation covers different types of behaviors, such as: nonassertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive. It explores common elements of assertiveness (language and techniques) and the assertive rights of all individuals.

Conflict Management

This session provides a basic understanding of different types of conflict styles and communication styles. Attendees will achieve a greater awareness of their personal styles, as well as communication strategies that aid in conflict management.

Dating 101: Establishing and Maintaining New Relationships

This presentation discusses the characteristics of healthy relationships and how they are developed and maintained, information on dating ideas, long-distance relationships and coping with a breakup.

Resiliency and Sleep

Improving Wellness in Support of Resilience

This presentation focuses on the relationship between resilience and wellness. Background on what resilience is, why it’s important, and how to improve personal wellness and resilience are covered, and the program concludes with an experiential activity.

Sleep Concerns: Get the Z's You Need to Succeed

This presentation shares tips for developing healthy sleep habits, as well as information on sleep deprivation, sleep debt and sleep disorders. It also includes a relaxation exercise.

Suicide Prevention

Distress Signals

This session includes statistics, myths and facts, risk factors and potential warning signs of suicide, as well as suggestions for prevention and intervention (what to listen and look for, what to say or do, how to ask the question, and how to get help).