Meditation Community

Nate Bodger, Stetson alumnus

Nate Bodger, Religious Studies '19: "I meditate primarily to enhance my emotional health. Meditation practiced regularly allows you to gain insight into the workings of your own mind, including understanding the ephemerality of emotion. This knowledge allows me to recover from frustrations and to maintain a more broadly positive outlook, which is indispensable in our modern, hyper-competitive environment."

Amanda Hatfield, Stetson student

Amanda Hatfield, Marketing '21: "I practice meditation because it offers me a healthy practice to relieve the stress in my life. Meditation has not only decreased my stress levels but has also allowed me to take my bad stress and turn it to good stress. My emotional wellbeing has strengthened tremendously since beginning my practice and allows me for better concentration and creativity."

Noah Nagle, Stetson student

Noah Nagle, Computer Science '19: "A few minutes of silence every day helps a lot with focusing during lectures."

Dr. Leila Roach, Stetson faculty member

Dr. Leila Roach, Department of Counselor Education: "No matter what's happening inside or outside my body, meditation brings peace, clarity, and energy."