Dialogue in a Residence Hall

Dialogue at Stetson

Dialogue is a process that invites individuals to share their experiences and worldviews, and listen while others do the same. It occurs in a communal space of trust, communication, and exploration. Dialogue provides an opportunity to learn about one's self and others, encouraging the growth of individuals and communities. Dialogue is a contemplative practice, rooted in both awareness and presence in community. Stetson offers multiple opportunities for students to engage in dialogue:

Sustained Dialogue

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life partners with the Sustained Dialogue Institute (SDI) to provide opportunities for dialogue on campus. SDI offers a unique approach to dialogue by focusing on relationships--namely, their complexity and ability to be transformed--laying the groundwork for effective change over time.

Real Talk

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts engaging, critical, and challenging dialogues on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Real Talk encourages participants to think creatively and inclusively and share what change can look like when implemented in meaningful ways. Participants can expect to learn by listening as others share their experiences with opportunities to ask questions. Participants are asked to come prepared to participate fully and in accordance with the provided community guidelines.

Ask Big Questions

Big Questions are defined as questions that everyone can answer, and questions that matter to everyone. These conversations revolve around questions like who is in your community? Where do you feel at home? How do you recharge? What will your legacy be? From residence halls to classrooms to virtual spaces, we invite you to learn more about yourself and others by engaging in these conversations.

Stetson University utilizes four principles to increase our effective capacity for conversation and learning. View the Principles of Conversation.