Where to Park

Vehicle Registration

Refer to the Registration page for information on vehicle and bicycle registration.

Visitor Parking Areas

Visitors to Stetson University are permitted to park in certain areas on campus. Refer to the interactive campus map for specific visitor parking areas.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, visitors are asked to obtain a visitor's pass from the Office of Public Safety upon arrival to display in their vehicle. The visitor's pass allows them to park in faculty/staff, commuter and designated visitor parking areas as long as the pass is displayed on their dashboard. Visitors are not permitted under any circumstances to park in residential parking areas. Violation of these guidelines are subject to ticketing and towing.

Admissions Parking

Those specifically visiting the Office of Admissions are asked to use the admissions visitor spaces, which are located outside of Griffith Hall and are accessible from the admissions entrance on North Woodland Boulevard, just north of the university's main gates. Admissions staff will issue a temporary pass to be displayed on the visitor's dashboard.

Athletics Parking

Those specifically visiting the Wilson Athletic Center are asked to use the visitor lot, which is located across from the Edmunds Center and is accessible from Pennsylvania Avenue.

General Visitor Parking

General visitor parking areas are located throughout the DeLand campus.

Handicapped Parking

Vehicles parked in handicapped-designated spaces must display a state-issued disabled parking permit. Handicapped parking areas are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Permits

If you have a temporary medical condition which limits your ability to walk long distances, you can obtain a temporary permit from the Office of Public Safety which will provide special parking privileges for a stated period of time dependent on your medical condition. This permit must be obtained prior to your deviating from parking where your permit allows. Citations received by individuals who claim to have a medical condition, but who have failed to notify Public Safety, may be held valid. In order to verify your medical condition, you must bring documentation from a doctor or from a member of the Stetson Health Service staff that states your condition to the Office of Public Safety. There is no charge for this permit.