It is recommended that you register your bike with Public Safety. This is a free service where we will store your contact information along with the make, model, color and serial number of your bike so it is readily available should your bike become lost or stolen.  Public Safety can also assist you with engraving the bottom of the bike frame with your Student ID or driver's license number. 

When you bring your bike onto campus, ride it over to Public Safety and bring it directly inside the building to the dispatcher.  They will help you get the serial number off the bottom of the bike and help you to fill out the registration card.


Parking or storage of bicycles in areas of public access, exits, stairwells, hallways, porches and lounges, is strictly prohibited due to fire safety regulations. Bicycles are not to be taken inside buildings. Bicycle racks are available in exterior locations. Bicycles parked or stored in violation of the above regulations, unregistered bicycles, unlocked bicycles and abandoned bicycles will be impounded. Bicycles may not remain on campus during summer break.

Bicycle Security

All riders of bicycles are encouraged to take the following precautions in order to protect their property:

  • Always lock your bike. Use a high-security ULock as cables can be easily cut!
  • Engrave your driver's license number (or Stetson University registration number) into the bike frame. Engravers are available for use at the Office of Public Safety.
  • When you leave campus for extended periods, make certain your bike is safely stored or take it with you, and always park your bike in designated bike racks.