Academic Affairs Reports and Responses 2020-2021

Stetson University values a collaborative, inclusive and institutional commitment to shared governance. The many committees and task forces--populated by faculty, staff, and students, as well as University administrators or offices, often produce minutes, recommendations, white papers, statements and reports that help the Stetson community move more confidently toward our institutional goals. We proudly make available more recent documents that are associated with our shared governance work in academic affairs at Stetson University.

Disciplinary Standards Task Force

Friday Group Report

Initiation and Discontinuance Policies

Provost Faculty Fellows, Advisors and Directors

  • Core Academic Experience
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • First Year Seminar Experience
  • Provost Faculty Fellow for Student Engagement
  • Research and External Scholarship Advisor

Shared Governance

University Committees

  • Academic Technology
  • Admissions
  • Artists Lecturers 2020-2021 Annual Report
  • Athletics
  • College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Council
  • Core Learning
  • Honor System Advisory
  • Institutional Review Board
  • International Learning Committee
  • Professional Development 2020-2021 Annual Report
  • Undergraduate Research 2020-2021 Annual Report
  • UGEC
  • University Tenure and Promotion