Online Programs

Summer Study at Stetson University

Online Summer Study at Stetson University is available to current Stetson students. If you are not currently a Stetson student and have questions about courses, contact Mitchell Reddish, Director of Summer Academic Programs, by phone at 386-822-8932 or email at [email protected] 

Master of Accountancy

The online Master of Accountancy Program is a part of the M. E. Rinker, Sr. Institute of Tax and Accountancy. The program is designed to ensure students and professionals meet the academic requirements for the CPA examination and gain the necessary range of knowledge and practical skills needed for successful careers.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA program is designed to provide graduates with broad competence in administration and managerial decision-making. The full-time student should be able to complete the degree program in approximately sixteen months, while the part-time student could complete the program in about twenty-four months. Full-Time students' programs require four semesters (including one summer) to complete the degree requirements, and Part-Time students' programs require six semesters (including two summers) to complete the degree requirements.

UF MS + Stetson University MBA Program

Students interested in a career in pharmacy or healthcare administration can take advantage of a unique partnership between Stetson University and the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Through this partnership, students can concurrently enroll in the UF MSPharm program and the Stetson MBA program, and earn both degrees in as little as three years, all while working full-time.

Coursework in the Stetson MBA focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and is offered online, exclusively to students enrolled in the UF Online MS in Pharmacy program. Program administration is streamlined, such that the same e-learning platforms are used in both programs, and admission to the Stetson program is guaranteed, provided satisfactory progress in the UF program. F

Master of Laws (LLM) Degree Programs

LLM in Advocacy 

  • Complete online in less than two years
  • Taught by national leaders in advocacy education and practice
  • For those interested in criminal law, civil law or teaching
  • In-person workshops once or twice a year

LLM in Elder Law

  • Complete online in less than two years
  • Access to library resources and quarterly law practice webinars
  • Partial scholarships available to select students
  • Includes attendance at Stetson's annual Special Needs Trust conference as part of a three-day in-person course

Master of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.)

International and Comparative Business Law

  • Meet the demand of today's businesses and solve tomorrow's legal business challenges.
  • Build a basic understanding of the legal system and how it impacts the successful operation of a business.
  • Learn to analyze, research, and communicate legal issues to business colleagues and your legal team.
  • Make better business decisions informed by your knowledge of the law.
  • In-demand areas of study such as legal compliance and contract law
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience

Aging, Law and Policy

  • A four-semester, 25-credit online program
  • In-demand areas of study such as disability law, gerontological healthcare, guardianship, taxes and estate planning, and  ethics in elder care
  • Courses taught by legal experts and leaders in the field of Aging Law and Policy
  • Access to Stetson's online library resources for Aging Law and Policy

Healthcare Compliance

  • A four-semester, 30-credit online program
  • Gain the experience and skills needed to assume a leadership role in healthcare and regulatory compliance.
  • Learn to assess and manage risk, analyze and solve compliance challenges, and effectively communicate legal issues.
  • Improve patient outcomes and experiences with your knowledge of compliance and healthcare law.