Data Reports and Publications

Enrollment Data

These reports provide demographic and trend data based on Stetson's enrollment.

Spring 2022 Census Snapshot

Just the Facts

Just the Facts is an infographic brochure containing data about the university's faculty and student population.

Just The Facts

Planning and Reference Guide

The Planning and Reference Guide is a comprehensive book featuring data on the university, faculty, students, classes, programs, and much more.

Planning and Reference Guide

Fact Book

Fact Books contain historical data about the university's faculty and student population. This information is now encompassed in the annual Planning and Reference Guide. Archived Fact Books (2000-01 through 2010-11) are provided for reference.

Fact Book

Retention and Graduation Outcomes

This interactive report provides retention and graduation statistics for Stetson University first-time full-time undergraduate students.

Retention Report

Common Data Sets

The Common Data Set, a collaborative data collection effort initiated by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report, provides data on commonly used metrics including enrollment, retention, financial aid, faculty, and more. Institutional data reports are available from 2008-09 to the current year.

Common Data Set

National Survey Data

Stetson University participates in several national student surveys on a rotational basis.

The National Survey of Student Engagement

Reports available include findings from the most recent administrations of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), the Cooperative Institutional Research Program's Freshman Survey, Your First College Year Survey and the College Senior Survey.