Cable TV

Stetson University will be moving to Philo TV and disconnecting cable TV services in the early fall 2017 semester.

Below you will find information regarding our current cable TV services.

Welcome to Stetson. Housing provides at least one cable television connection in each residence hall and/or apartment. To use the service, simply connect your TV to the wall jack with a standard coaxial cable (not provided).  View the channel lineup. You will need to run a channel scan on your television to recognize new channels.

What equipment do I need to receive the cable TV service?

The cable TV service delivers all content in a digital format and requires a television set, or conversion box tuner capable of receiving a digital QAM signal. To receive HD channels, you need an HD-compatible TV.

If you already have a TV connected to our system you can test your equipment by running an automatic channel scan to verify what channels are recognized.

Some less expensive TVs sometimes come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to pick up all the digital channels. Users with less expensive brands such as Dynex and Insignia reported these types of problems.

Troubleshooting Missing Channels

There are three scenarios that typically cause missing channels. The most common problem is a loose coaxial cable (make sure each end is tight) or the coaxial cable isn’t plugged into the proper port on the back of your TV. The second most likely problem is that your TV is set to Antenna instead of Cable. This can easily be fixed by going into your TV settings and changing the option from Antenna to Cable (or CATV).

The third is scanning for channels. Your TV has a scan feature which will search for all available channels. While every TV is different, this feature is typically found under settings or menu and may be in a sub-menu called channels. If given the option between analog, digital or both, select both. Once you have performed a scan you should have all available channels. At the bottom of this message is a table of the most common TV’s and a link to a video explaining how to perform a channel scan.

External Converter Boxes

In the event you’ve performed the above troubleshooting steps and you still don’t get channels, you may need to reserve an external digital converter box. You can pick up an external Digital TV conversion box at the helpdesk located in the lower level of the Lynn Business Center (LBC).

Links below will help show you how to run a channel scan (not all TV models are shown)

TV Manufacturer

Video Directions to Scan for Channels


Vizio M Series

Vizio E Series






If you have any issues with the cable TV connection in your residence hall room, please contact the I.T. Help Desk.