Blackboard is a web-based application which enables faculty members to deliver course content, exams, quizzes, discussions and more to students.

Available To

  • Academic departments
  • Faculty
  • Guests
  • Students


Blackboard offers convenience and flexibility. It's central to Stetson University's ability to deliver quality academic courses and is key to providing a modern classroom experience. Faculty manage all course materials online, where they are instantly available to students. Blackboard allows faculty to post documents, make announcements, send email, create online assessments and more. Students can access course materials, send files and messages to their instructor, access their grades for specific courses, and correspond with each other. Course materials are available 24/7/365, from any location, allowing students to learn when and where they like.

Key Features

  • Multimedia content - Blackboard allows the delivery of rich multimedia content, including audio and video, in addition to electronic documents.
  • Live interaction and communication - Students enjoy easy access to their instructor and each other via email, discussion boards and blogs.
  • Advanced quiz and survey tools - Faculty can create tests, quizzes and surveys to gather student feedback online.
  • Microsoft Excel-compatible grade book - Faculty can manage their course grades online and download them for use with other applications.
  • Easy document sharing - Upload files with just a few easy clicks.
  • Modern infrastructure and support - Blackboard supports modern browsers, operating systems and web technologies.


The Office of Information Technology strives to maximize the availability of supported services. In the event of a planned service outage, all reasonable methods of communication will be used to alert the service's users as far in advance of the outage as reasonably possible. In the event of an unplanned service outage, the Office of Information Technology will utilize all reasonable methods of communication to alert the service's users regarding the issue and will update alerts when service is restored.

» Please refer to the Blackboard Policy for more information.



If you need assistance with access to Blackboard, please contact the I.T. Help Desk.

For other assistance with Blackboard content or functionality, please contact [email protected].

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