Technology Refresh Policy

As part of our mission and vision, the Office of Information Technology (I.T.) recognizes that technology is an integral part of teaching, learning and administration at the university. It is our intention to provide appropriate technology to faculty and staff.

Standard Refresh

  1. On average, office computers are replaced every four years.  I.T. will solicit upgrade requests from faculty and administrative department heads for the following fiscal year annually in February. Requests may be made at other times of year and granted if funds are available.
  2. The cost for the replacement is funded at the university level and is managed by I.T. This eliminates the need for individual cost centers and/or departments to bear the cost of replacements for standard desktop and laptop computers. Consolidating the University's purchasing power allows the university to save money.
  3. One computer will be provided to all full-time employees where routine computer use is required by their job description.
  4. Faculty and staff shall have the following options when replacing their existing system:
    • If their job requires frequent travel or mobility they will have the option to choose:
      1. Windows-based laptop - If desired, this may include an external monitor, an external mouse, and a keyboard.*
      2. Apple laptop ** - If desired, this may include an external monitor, an external mouse, and a keyboard.*
    • If their job does not require mobility, they will have the option to choose:
      1. Windows-based desktop
      2. Apple desktop **
  5. Departments may request additional computers for needs that fall outside the full-time employee policy outlined above (e.g., part-time staff, testing, etc.). Depending on the purpose of these machines, computers that are three or more years old may be used and will not be considered part of the normal replacement cycle.
  6. Upon replacement, the previous computer(s) will be removed by I.T.. These computers are often redeployed to other areas on campus. Requests to retain the previous computer at the time of installation of the replacement computer will not be approved.
  7. Requests for accelerating the refresh schedule of a computer for faculty and staff must be made through the Office of the C.I.O., have provost or vice president-level approval, and include a departmental account number for the computer to be charged against. The computer being refreshed will be returned to I.T. and cannot be kept by the department for other computer needs. 
  8. Desktop printers will no longer be provided unless there is no networked printer available in the requesting department. If one is needed, it will be provided from the existing inventory of printers.

* - The user's department is responsible for the purchase of additional batteries, accessories, or consumables.

** - Staff requests for Apple equipment will need justification as to why this more expensive equipment is necessary to perform their jobs. A personal preference for Apple equipment is not a justification.


The University currently supports specific makes and models of computers with Windows computers being our standard.  These systems were chosen to allow diversity in brands and operating systems, yet provide enough similarities that adequate support can be maintained. Standardization also reduces cost significantly through bulk purchasing discounts and vendor agreements.

New Employees

A new computer will be purchased only if a full-time faculty or staff member has been hired for a newly-established position. The hiring department will provide the funds to purchase the new system for staff; the I.T. budget covers a computer for new faculty. Thereafter, it will fall under the university technology refresh budget.

Special Needs

I.T. will meet reasonable above-average needs (e.g., larger displays for those who regularly work on two documents simultaneously or for someone with vision problems). If additional computers or special peripherals or software are needed, the funds will be furnished through departmental or grant funds (as determined by the departmental vice president or the provost). I.T. will provide assistance by obtaining quotes from vendors and configuring the machines. These computers will not be included in the technology refresh replacement cycle.

I.T. will have several laptops available for special events, presentations and other short-term needs. Please contact the I.T. Help Desk to reserve a computer for short-term needs.