iPad Purchase and Usage Policy

This document sets forth Stetson University's policy on iPad purchase and usage and applies to all university employees. It does not apply to the purchase of personal iPads. Personal iPads are not supported by the university's Office of Information Technology.

General Policy

The university recognizes that certain job functions require that an employee have access to mobile data. For this reason, the university may provide an iPad (or similar device) and service may be requested by employees whose official duties are such that the use of the device significantly enhances the performance of the official duties of that faculty or staff member. The university will not provide funding for any cellular voice/data plans associated with iPads.

The individual user, or the user's department with approval, will be responsible for any charges related to acquisition of individual applications for the device. Applications may be purchased directly from the Apple App Store by the user or the user's department. If any applications are to be paid for with university funds, a justification of academic/business purpose must accompany the invoice receipt.

Criteria for Assignment of iPad Stipend

Simple convenience is not a criterion for receiving an iPad. Criteria to determine the need for an iPad are as follows:

  1. The job function of the employee requires considerable time away from an assigned office or work area, and it is important to the university that the employee has access to university data.
  2. The job function of the employee requires accessibility outside of scheduled or normal working hours.
  3. Each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the employee's direct supervisor and vice president or the provost, with final approval by the vice president for business affairs and chief financial officer.
  4. Requests for purchases of iPad or similar device should be accompanied by rationale outlining the academic or business use of the device that demonstrates relevant need and institutional benefit.
  5. iPads are not eligible to serve as replacements for faculty and staff standard computing equipment or as part of the centrally managed budget for technology life cycle management. Not all job requirements can be accomplished with an iPad, so the university will continue to provide either a desktop or laptop computer.


  • Reimbursement for personal purchases will not be approved.
  • Reimbursement for monthly recurring charges will not be approved.


Much like any other device, clients need to contact the I.T. Help Desk for support. Apple Care is included when purchasing an iPad device. Hardware repairs are not handled on campus. If an iPad needs repair, it is sent directly to Apple to repair the device.

Redeployment Process

Once a department has received proper approval to redeploy a university-owned iPad to another individual within the department, the iPad must be returned to I.T., which will properly remove all data, set up a new security profile and deliver it to the new client. All university-owned iPads should have an SUID tag affixed to the back of the device.

Lost or Stolen Devices

iPads that are lost or stolen should be reported immediately to I.T. so that necessary steps can be taken to mitigate the risk of data loss.