Dual Monitor Request Policy

All dual monitor requests will be required to meet the criteria listed below:

  • Previously approved by the Office of Human Resources for vision/health/mobility issues, or
  • The request must be for an individual who spends at least 80 percent of their time on a computer. The requester must provide a written and detailed explanation that justifies the potential cost savings, and demonstrated examples of at least one of the following:
    • Have at least four open and running computer applications while needing to maintain visual contact with two or more of those applications simultaneously.
    • Work with specific programs which are tailored to dual monitors such as:
      • Document imaging
      • Graphic design programs
      • Multiple open spreadsheets
      • Application or website programming and development
      • Hardware systems monitoring (e.g., HVAC, electrical, networking, etc.)
  • Work with customers (e.g., students, faculty, staff, etc.) within a high-traffic area where information is required from two places simultaneously and the potential exists that customers would need to wait while the information is retrieved.