Upper Division Communities

Upper Division Communities are the housing options offered to Stetson University's upperclassmen students during their three-year residential experience. The Upper Division Communities include Hatter Hall and Campus Apartments. Campus Apartments consist of Stetson Cove, Stetson Oaks, Stetson Palms and University Village Apartments. These residential spaces offer a level of privacy and autonomy for Stetson's upperclassmen students while still providing support, community, safety, and other campus resources close at hand. The transition to a post-college lifestyle can be just as challenging as beginning college and a goal of the Upper Division Communities is to promote the life skills necessary to help our students navigate and excel during this transition. Our goals in this area are to challenge students to engage in community while enjoying greater independence, and to help students prepare for post-graduate steps such as internships, job searches, standardized examinations, and/or graduate applications.