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2018-2019 Options

Community Catalyst Houses


Community Catalyst Houses will engage returning students in an environment at Stetson where living, learning and values meet. Students with common interests (academic or community interests) who have a desire to enhance our campus and community will live together in a residential house environment to meet a challenge facing our community!


  • Each house will create a space where students of different disciplines are able to create their own community, promote Stetson’s values, and foster an inclusive environment.
  • Each house will empower and provide an interactive experience where students serve as catalysts for change with the attempt to build a better world.
  • Each house will foster an environment where community service and peer engagement are central to the experience of the house and beyond.

This program is designed to empower Stetson students to think deeply about their experiences, Stetson, the DeLand community and our global society. Students are encouraged to be imaginative and design their own community by exploring ones’ intellectual passions and values, in addition to gaining an awareness of the reality in which others at Stetson and in DeLand experience day to day.

New Community Catalyst Houses for the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year proposal deadline is April 7 . Visit HatterSync for the proposal application.

Faculty support is an essential piece to the success of the community catalyst house program. To find out more about the role of the faculty mentor visit here

Returning students interested in applying to participate in a 2019 - 2020 Community Catalyst House must visit Housing Central and complete the Residential Learning Program Application or contact us by email at

The following selected themes for the 2018 - 2019 academic year are as follows:

Arts on the Rise

The Arts on the Rise Community Catalyst House will serve as a place where students are able to creatively think, challenge expression and expose the Stetson community and beyond to the creative arts and theater experience. As a community, participants we will build a welcoming environment for creative minds through collaboration in both personal and new craft and understanding. They host creative events on their own in collaboration with other organizations—paint nights, artistic discussion, and the like. This program is designed to utilize the talents and strengths of each participant to create a well-rounded foundation for each event and project they undertake and execute while learning and acquiring new skills from one another as the year progresses. The creative atmosphere they foster, as well as the events they hold, strive to the goal of stimulating constant artistic thought, as well as triggering the development of a more intimate and personal connection with those of similar interests and pursuits to provoke imaginative growth on a higher level. Arts on the Rise aims not only to foster the progression of those who reside within the community catalyst house as artists and as successful students but to bolster the creative energy and encourage the potential of those within the Stetson University community and beyond.

Multilingual Living

The Multilingual Living Community Catalyst House will offer a group of students who are interested in international affairs and intercultural engagement a place to live together and create a space for internationalization and intercultural dialogue on campus at Stetson. The purpose of Multilingual Living is to create a diverse community and to bring people together to share different culture, speak different languages and try food from all around the world. Being part of this community will allow participants to connect with people from different culture and giving them an opportunity to promote and share their own cultures. The participants of Multilingual Living will promote studying abroad opportunities available at Stetson, research community needs for language tutoring or translation services, and acknowledge the importance of living in a multi-lingual & multi-cultural space at Stetson, and more!!

Sustaining Green Living

The Sustaining Green Living Community Catalyst House will offer students, who share the value sustainable living, a place to focus on the intersection of environmental stability, economic viability, and social equity. As a community, participants would attempt to live as carbon neutral as possible, which means that they would try to burn the least amount of fossil fuels and to eat locally and from ethical sources. This year specifically the community catalyst house will conserve water and energy in their everyday lives as well as reduce their output of waste; embracing the lifestyle of zero-waste (through reducing, reusing, and recycling). Lastly, participants will encourage each other—and other members of the Stetson community—to foster behavioral changes that benefit generations to come. Possible projects for this coming academic year will be vermin-composting, a continuation of hydroponics system development, creating a seedling-starting germination station, and much more. This intentional community will foster messages of green living and environmental consciousness all while making our campus and world more environmentally friendly.

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Fraternity & Sorority Communities

There are over 800 students that are involved with sorority and fraternity life on Stetson campus. Residential Living and Learning owns and operates 12 Greek affiliated housing facilities. Each sorority and fraternity house features suite style living and contains a chapter room. By living in Greek affiliated housing at Stetson University, residents will have an opportunity to make lasting connections with members of their organization as well as connect to the Stetson community. Each house has a resident assistant that facilitates social, education, and community programming to foster those bonds within each organization and beyond.

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Living Well Community


The Living Well community is designed for returning and transfer students who desire to lead healthy lifestyles. Students in the Living Well Community learn about creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Community programs are designed to provide experiences to explore one's health and wellness from a holistic standpoint emphasizing on a number of dimensions of well-being. Partners from the Department of Wellness and Recreation and related academic programs work with the residents to promote these lifestyles in their lives and around campus.


  • Identify, understand, and incorporate into their lifestyle, a personal definition of wellness that integrates all six domains of health and well-being.
  • Increase awareness of the influence that societal mores and values have on individual lifestyle choices and accepted norms.
  • Explore health and well-being from multiple and diverse perspectives; and internalize how different experiences, perspectives and perceptions influence attitudes, values, and choices regarding health and well-being.

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Women's Leadership Community


The Women's Leadership community is designed for new female students who desire to invest in the exploration of their authentic self in relation to leadership development within a group of strong female leaders. Students will gain a greater understanding about themselves, learn about leadership opportunities in the community, develop goals related to their own leadership development and organizational involvement, and work as a team to help other women in the community meet their goals. Within this collective environment, students discuss and examine their experiences at Stetson, achievements and positions of leadership as women in higher education and society. Partners from the Department of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy and related academic programs work with the residents to provide a focus on leadership, activism and community building.


  • Develop leadership skills through the cultivation of personal traits, experiences, knowledge, resources, and opportunities.
  • Engage with students, faculty and staff in experiences and community service related to women's and gender issues.
  • Cultivate connections on campus and in the broader community.
  • Demonstrate leadership capacity through courageous acts on campus and in the community.

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