First Year Communities

The First Year Experience program at Stetson University is housed in Carson/Hollis, Gordis, Smith & Nemec Halls. This program aims to assist first-year students with a successful transition to Stetson University and to help students find meaningful and intentional connections on campus. Through purposeful educational and social programming and initiatives, students will benefit from having a resident assistant (student leader) on their floor that is eager to assist them with finding resources on campus, making new friends, teaching life and everyday skills (such as, doing laundry and effective time management!), making smart and healthy choices, and helping to develop meaningful relationships with not just their roommate but the whole community. Students in this community will also benefit from strong university partnerships and programming that takes place in the halls and will have the opportunity to live and learn together through various events and programs throughout the year.

Students will also benefit from the service and work from residential community fellow leaders, whose main purpose is to provide a seamless and smooth transition for residents to the institution and community. The buildings vary in size and layouts, but the experience is just as meaningful no matter which community you live in. We are so excited to help you #LiveTheDreamAtSU!