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 Greek Awards

Fraternity and  Sorority Involvement value the excellence and outstanding efforts of our fraternity and sorority members. Through our Greek Awards program we are able to celebrate those chapters for their efforts during the academic year. 

Greek Alumni Committee

The purpose of the Greek Alumni Engagement Committee of the Stetson University Alumni Association ("SUAA") is to promote alumni engagement in support of the University's strategic plan and to reconnect Greek Alumni with their alma mater through improved communications, programs, activities and support for and by the Stetson Greek System.

Committee Responsibilities

1. Establish and maintain positive and open relations between the Greek Alumni Organizations, Active Chapters (if applicable) and the University.

2. Foster active alumni engagement and a lifelong relationship with the University.

3. Encourage Greek Alumni giving to the University and participating in alumni events and activities wherever held.

4. Assist and encourage communications by and between Greek Alumni, Active Chapters (if applicable) and the University via meetings, conference calls, newsletters or social mediation outlets as may be appropriate.

5. Review, establish and or provide programs, advisory support and or other activities in furtherance of the Stetson Greek System.